FredVegas GURPS Extravaganza

To Go, Boldly

The Endeavor was launching from space dock and the whole world came out to see it. Just 100 years ago, the world was in a state of constant turmoil and fear, and with a new United Terra, humans can sleep soundly for the first time in generations.

Reporter Jazmine Sanjenta was there, as a correspondant from World News Tonight and interviewed many of the famous and soon-to-be famous members of this historic mission.

As everyone got used to the ship and where they were staying, people got nervous about their ride. Captain Jerome Stearns led the crew to their first warp jump, hurtling through space toward their first intended target, Alpha Centauri.

but everything wasn’t going as planned, the Endeavor shunted out of warp near a mysterious, and gigantic metal ring, a Founder Jump Gate. After a skirmish with the ring’s drones and revealing the titanic Sentinels to humanity, the Endeavor returns home to prepare for the worse.

Brave New World

Negotiations with the Sakaan 2nd go about as well as you could hope for. As the situation becomes more transparent, it is clear this is going to be a lot more work than anticipated.

Intelligence and technology schematics could only be trusted to a world government organization. After handing over the tech to the UN Secretary General, the team helps him oversee the implementation.

History progresses from here. The team takes an active role in shaping the recent advances in world government, politics, and technology innovation.

  • UN Humanitarian actions take shape in central Africa and the UN occupies this region.
  • Previous energy technology and innovations shown by the Sakaan help advance and prosper the newly formed UN, complete with their own military.
  • After central Africa stabalizes and becomes a United Nations state, other nations apply for statehood with it, slowly joining a growing groups of nations under representative rule.
  • The superpowers of China, Russia, and the United States are the last to join, but are ready to share in the wealth and prosperity of these new UN, creating a global government.
The Computer

The team guns down some of the satellite’s guardian’s and attempts to delve into the sinkhole. After climbing down makeshift stairs, and travelling for days underground, the team finds a large metal door.

The Seed Satellite Computer 1227 informs them about Founders, Sakaan, Sentinel, Seed Satellite and Seed Worlds. After piecing the information together to get a greater story and history, the group travels out of the sinkhole and crater, with a new plan for the future.

Their first step is to see the, Sakaan 2nd, Deputy Director Mark Giuliano and Special Agent Peter Gillan.

You Boys Like Mexico?!

Cancun. The Yucatan. After hiring a boat, and getting some basic armament, the team heads off the coast to the epicenter of the crater. After going as far below sea level as they can, they notice a group of sharks behaving oddly, well below the pressure allowed for such a creature.

After rigging some equipment, and doing some research, the team noticed findings by PeMex about gravitic anomolies around the Chicxulub Crater. After Jason Pool hacked in, he took the secure findings, and trashed servers to hide the evidence and destroy the information from getting into the hands of the Sakaan.

Research and hefty computer work show the impulses sent by radio frequency are human and shark brainwave pulses. By using some of the software the Pylons use, and adapting it for this use, they were able to understand the transmission. Sensory information was going to the satellite and between the sharks.

Another boat ride out to the site led to being able to roughly communicate, giving the team coordinates and survival information to brave the jungles of southern Mexico. Resources were gathered, everyone set and the trek had begun. After hours of tough hiking and cross-country movement, a familiar sound reached their ears. Gunfire, and it was headed in their direction.

Looking For An Out

With a little planning and a little luck, the team hopes that DHS will look over their evidence and come to the same conclusion they did. After their arrest by Jason Pool the team is interrogated and placed together under observation. DHS questions them, bringing to light a lot of the evidence that got them into the situation in the first place.

After analyzing evidence, technology and samples, it was still up in the air whether or not the team was going to be believed. With their arraignment looming overhead, it was looking doubtful. Luckily, members within DHS believed their story and evidence, and arranged for them to disappear.

After taking a cargo ship and looking at the evidence, the team realized some telling things.

  • Their ancestors all meet (by design or accident) at least once a generation.
  • The notes taken by Friar Aquilinus were passed through genetic memory to his descendants, their subconcious minds, hiding it in code.
  • The destination given for the Satellite by the crystal is Chicxulub Crater
  • Posited that groups of ancestors passed on a code of sorts to help identify the team through the ages.

They got aboard another ship, turning around and heading to sunny Mexico.

The Angel
St. Michael made manifest

A targeted roadblock by the Hooded Man and the Sakaan find the new pilot, Faure Lemieux on hte road. Deciding to take him by force, the group fights to give room enough to escape. Blows rang down, men fell, while the Sakaan organize to destroy the pilot once and for all.

A stun grenade by the Sakaan Prime impeded Hidalgo Lorencio Manuel Mendoza’s fighting ability, while the Hooded Man fought an unseen battle of wills with Friar Aquilinus. With the groups slowly falling, and being beaten back, Faure pleaded with the crystal for help.

The angel, St. Michael The Archangel made himself manifest, laying waste to the intervening army, the Sakaan, and saving the group from certain death.

The team awoke in the room with the pylons, under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder, treason, attempted murder, and other charges by Jason Pool.

Into the Past

The pylons do their job, bringing the team into the minds of their previous lives. Gathering together at the manse of Lord Guillame Reusseau, the ancestors are to escort a peasant farmer, Faure Lemieux to the coast and out of France.

He carries a great danger with him, a small crystal from which he hears voices and sees visions. Dangerous enought, that in times of stress, it creates a great intense fire. Friar Aquilinus sees visions of demons when he touches the crystal, but knows that Faure sees the images of angels. It speaks in code with strange language and words. Some things they understand and some others, still, unknown.

They get approached by a small band of highwayman, along with a Hooded Man.

As they travel, Aldred of Blackburn and Hidalgo Lorencio Manuel Mendoza notice movement of troops. Forces from the Holy Roman Empire moving into the Flandre region. If they do not act quickly, they will get caught in between terrain and violent forces.


Captured. The agents had made their insertion and successfully gained access to the girl and some access to information. After interrogation, it was clear to the agents that Deputy Director Mark Giuliano was the new host of the Sakaan Second, leaving the fate of Special Agent Peter Gillan in the wind.

Deals were made, strategies enacted, with the pylons being repaired and operational. Finally, most of the team , Jack Blackburn Special Agent David Caralos and Special Agent Dudley Lemieux are placed in the pylons to determine the motivations and desires of the Sakaan.

Well, Shit!

The plan is enacted. After careful planning and rigorous attention to detail, the group infiltrated, knocks out, and captures identification and weapons from familiar and similar FBI agents.

Through the front door, no problem.
Subbasement 2, Critical Detention Ward, security checkpoint cleared
Prisoner Transfer request, guard sweet talked and request granted.

But there was a glitch. The prisoner was flagged to let Special Agent Peter Gillan know when the subject was being moved. After checking, Agent Gillin was going to come down and talk to the group. After a few minutes, and some checking, Agent Gillin invited the team up to his office to discuss the transfer.

They were at a crossroads. Confront Gillin in a brutal conflict in the middle of the FBI headquarters, or blow the whistle on the whole operation.

Plan B, it was. Up they went to the deputy director’s office with a Code Orange, critical information about treasonous behavior. After Jack Blackburn aka Harold Woods took off his mask and disguise and withdrew the laser pistol for him, he disclosed the whole ordeal to the Deputy Director. During the conversation, the Deputy Director has a drop of blood and little wound appear on his neck. Special Agent David Caralos recognized the familiar sound of a tactical team outside, realizing security had been alerted early on. Within seconds, they burst through the door, securing the room and the people inside.

Each was brought into the interrogation room to asked about a variety of questions by the Deputy Director. Questions about family, heritage and background. Each was offered their positions back given some caveats. Special Agent Dudley Lemure would be reinstated with his help on the Pylons.

Blackburn was charged with bringing in Jason Pool for his assistance with the Pylons. Blackburn and Corales noticed some off behaviour from the Deputy Director. They also learned that the File contained scenes involving their own ancestors, direct genetic lines to each of the Agents. The question from the Deputy Director and the agents has been, “why?”.

A Long Road

After figuring out who their allies and enemies are, the team re-equips, makes plans, and spends a few weeks making it slowly towards northern Virginia. Modified weaponry, semi advanced electronics, communications, and explosives were made, and the basics of the plan were hammered out.

Walk in through the garage entrance with disguises and faked credentials. Get the girl, and the agent, and then, with different disguises, walk out the basement garage again, blowing up anything on their way out.

Through the process of gathering materials and gear. Jack Blackburn aka Harold Woods learns that his family has been targeted and members killed to get at him.


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