FredVegas GURPS Extravaganza

Into the Past

The pylons do their job, bringing the team into the minds of their previous lives. Gathering together at the manse of Lord Guillame Reusseau, the ancestors are to escort a peasant farmer, Faure Lemieux to the coast and out of France.

He carries a great danger with him, a small crystal from which he hears voices and sees visions. Dangerous enought, that in times of stress, it creates a great intense fire. Friar Aquilinus sees visions of demons when he touches the crystal, but knows that Faure sees the images of angels. It speaks in code with strange language and words. Some things they understand and some others, still, unknown.

They get approached by a small band of highwayman, along with a Hooded Man.

As they travel, Aldred of Blackburn and Hidalgo Lorencio Manuel Mendoza notice movement of troops. Forces from the Holy Roman Empire moving into the Flandre region. If they do not act quickly, they will get caught in between terrain and violent forces.


mhatter mdunn

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