FredVegas GURPS Extravaganza

The Angel

St. Michael made manifest

A targeted roadblock by the Hooded Man and the Sakaan find the new pilot, Faure Lemieux on hte road. Deciding to take him by force, the group fights to give room enough to escape. Blows rang down, men fell, while the Sakaan organize to destroy the pilot once and for all.

A stun grenade by the Sakaan Prime impeded Hidalgo Lorencio Manuel Mendoza’s fighting ability, while the Hooded Man fought an unseen battle of wills with Friar Aquilinus. With the groups slowly falling, and being beaten back, Faure pleaded with the crystal for help.

The angel, St. Michael The Archangel made himself manifest, laying waste to the intervening army, the Sakaan, and saving the group from certain death.

The team awoke in the room with the pylons, under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder, treason, attempted murder, and other charges by Jason Pool.


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