FredVegas GURPS Extravaganza

To Go, Boldly

The Endeavor was launching from space dock and the whole world came out to see it. Just 100 years ago, the world was in a state of constant turmoil and fear, and with a new United Terra, humans can sleep soundly for the first time in generations.

Reporter Jazmine Sanjenta was there, as a correspondant from World News Tonight and interviewed many of the famous and soon-to-be famous members of this historic mission.

As everyone got used to the ship and where they were staying, people got nervous about their ride. Captain Jerome Stearns led the crew to their first warp jump, hurtling through space toward their first intended target, Alpha Centauri.

but everything wasn’t going as planned, the Endeavor shunted out of warp near a mysterious, and gigantic metal ring, a Founder Jump Gate. After a skirmish with the ring’s drones and revealing the titanic Sentinels to humanity, the Endeavor returns home to prepare for the worse.


mhatter mdunn

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