FredVegas GURPS Extravaganza

Well, Shit!

The plan is enacted. After careful planning and rigorous attention to detail, the group infiltrated, knocks out, and captures identification and weapons from familiar and similar FBI agents.

Through the front door, no problem.
Subbasement 2, Critical Detention Ward, security checkpoint cleared
Prisoner Transfer request, guard sweet talked and request granted.

But there was a glitch. The prisoner was flagged to let Special Agent Peter Gillan know when the subject was being moved. After checking, Agent Gillin was going to come down and talk to the group. After a few minutes, and some checking, Agent Gillin invited the team up to his office to discuss the transfer.

They were at a crossroads. Confront Gillin in a brutal conflict in the middle of the FBI headquarters, or blow the whistle on the whole operation.

Plan B, it was. Up they went to the deputy director’s office with a Code Orange, critical information about treasonous behavior. After Jack Blackburn aka Harold Woods took off his mask and disguise and withdrew the laser pistol for him, he disclosed the whole ordeal to the Deputy Director. During the conversation, the Deputy Director has a drop of blood and little wound appear on his neck. Special Agent David Caralos recognized the familiar sound of a tactical team outside, realizing security had been alerted early on. Within seconds, they burst through the door, securing the room and the people inside.

Each was brought into the interrogation room to asked about a variety of questions by the Deputy Director. Questions about family, heritage and background. Each was offered their positions back given some caveats. Special Agent Dudley Lemure would be reinstated with his help on the Pylons.

Blackburn was charged with bringing in Jason Pool for his assistance with the Pylons. Blackburn and Corales noticed some off behaviour from the Deputy Director. They also learned that the File contained scenes involving their own ancestors, direct genetic lines to each of the Agents. The question from the Deputy Director and the agents has been, “why?”.


mhatter mdunn

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