FredVegas GURPS Extravaganza

You Boys Like Mexico?!

Cancun. The Yucatan. After hiring a boat, and getting some basic armament, the team heads off the coast to the epicenter of the crater. After going as far below sea level as they can, they notice a group of sharks behaving oddly, well below the pressure allowed for such a creature.

After rigging some equipment, and doing some research, the team noticed findings by PeMex about gravitic anomolies around the Chicxulub Crater. After Jason Pool hacked in, he took the secure findings, and trashed servers to hide the evidence and destroy the information from getting into the hands of the Sakaan.

Research and hefty computer work show the impulses sent by radio frequency are human and shark brainwave pulses. By using some of the software the Pylons use, and adapting it for this use, they were able to understand the transmission. Sensory information was going to the satellite and between the sharks.

Another boat ride out to the site led to being able to roughly communicate, giving the team coordinates and survival information to brave the jungles of southern Mexico. Resources were gathered, everyone set and the trek had begun. After hours of tough hiking and cross-country movement, a familiar sound reached their ears. Gunfire, and it was headed in their direction.


mhatter mdunn

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