Lord Guillame Reusseau

Stately Lord of The Flandre region of France..


Guillame is a stately man in his mid 40’s. He is well built, strong, and rough, showing signs that he has seen combat, but has the wealth to be presentable. He is dressed often in red hose, with long blue and white tunic, belted and laced. A simple gold coronet is inlaid with pearls, sitting on slightly long brown curly hair.


Guillame was the first born of seven brothers and one sister, two other brothers making it to adulthood, and several bastard siblings from concubines and mistresses of his father. Notably, Faure Lemieux, son of the Lord Reasseau before him by a local peasant woman. His next eldest brother, Aloys Reasseau, is the Lord’s advisor and Chamberlain Senechal.

Lord Guillame Reusseau

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