Mwneye Folami Ihejerika (Kamarai)

A large and physically powerful terrorist suspect


Mwenye is an impressively large (6’6’’ and 320 lbs) of tenacity, muscle and dry determination. He has a cold blank stare, with little hint in his eyes of his own thoughts or motives. He looks every part of the trained soldier and killer.

Kamarai, as he identified himself, is from somewhere/when else, but is human. He helped the team escape Special Agent Peter Gillan’s assassination attempt in Detroit. After setting them up with some basic supplies, intelligence, and what hints he could about the nature of the Sakaan, he split from the group.


Mwenye is attributed to many terrorist, including:

• June 19, 1987, Spain, attributed to the ETA, blast in Barcelona kills 21, 1987 Hipercor Bombing
• December 26, 1987 Spain, attributed to the US serviceman’s bar attack in Barcelona
• November 15, 1991 GB, IRA bombing mishap, physically identified at the scene
• January 25, 1993 US, Pakistani and other members open fire outside CIA headquarters, photographed at scene
• April 4, 1993, GB, attack in London
• July 1, 2000 GB IRA bomb in railroad from Belfast to Dublin
• October 8, 2003 FR, bombing downtown Paris, claims by a group to release prisoners held since 1990
• March 7, GB attack on IRA, Anrim Town Northern Ireland
• Nearly all the activity in Russia during 2010

Sources determined that he was part of the military in Nigeria until dishonorably discharged for brutality. He has been hunting the globe with different organizations looking to continue his work. His apparent death in July, of 2000 leaves the question of whether or not this person is an alien operative, and hastens the need to bring him in and question him.

Mwneye Folami Ihejerika (Kamarai)

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