Parker Chandler

A bright-eyed, young child


Parker is your typical 6 year old girl. Bright, full of life, and adorable. She is blond, with bright blue eyes, and an endearing bit of a crooked smile. She isn’t terribly tall for her age, or thin. Neither could she be described as fat or large, almost like she is finally shedding the last vestiges of baby/toddler fat from her frame into something befitting a young lady.


Parker was abducted from her school by ex-IRA terrorists, led by a mysterious man. She was taken to a cabin in the woods as a hostage, where the agents found her in the basement, the room covered with plastic tarp, and sitting amid four makeshift, damaged beyond repair, and strange arcing pylons.

When found, she could only speak and write French, a language she does not know.

Parker Chandler

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