Brenyan Torva

An Aglevan bartender with a broad bright smile


Brenyan is the owner of the Posh Erkidnia, the lone establishment of its kind on Orion station. He is friendly, forward, subtle, charismatic, and attractive for his species, the Aglevan.

Behind all that, the Aglevan bartender is a vast and wealthy smuggler, organizing all sorts of criminal activity on the station. He is the person to go to when you want something. The hot commodity right now is information.

Very few Faster Than Light relays exist in the sector, and Brenyan has one of these relays, hidden, as to not attract a lot of attention.

He is typical for his species, tall to around a little over 2 meters. Dark thin hair and pale white skin. His human-like appearance is shattered when he smiles, lips curling nearly to his ears, and the gills that line his long neck.

Brenyan Torva

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