The Aglevan are a highly social species, heralding from the Aglevan system in the lower Perseus Arm. Two planets in a co-orbital configuration inside their habitable zone led many Aglevan to see their nearest neighbor in their night sky during certain parts of the year. Philosophers and scholars of all stripes took this as a sign that they were not alone in the universe from a very early stage in their development.

With that in mind, the Aglevan strove to be a harmonious species, embracing difference, change, and new things with a healthy skepticism, but mostly a wonderous curiosity. Economic development and societal change has all been geared to exploration at home and outside the home world.

Aglevan are known for signature environmentally friendly energy. Their first major advancements had been in efficient hydro-electric power.

Aglevan measure around 2.2 meters tall, around 90 kg on average, and are generally of light build. They are visually very similar to Humans, though with blotched dermal patterns, and a gill-like system along their necks.


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