Seed Satellite

Founder’s created the Seed Satellite to distribute and control the Pilot program. Each satellite contains the collective experience of several high ranking Founders. The AI they embody help monitor and track Sentinel crystal movement, and scan at long range genetic markers making good Pilots.

Meeting the parameters, set by the Pilot program. The Satellite caused an extinction level event, causing and finally residing in the Chicxulub Crater. Each satellite is designed to identify the right time and place for evolutionary change in the Seed World allowing for Human development. This allows for the rise of mammals, and by specific genetic sequencing viruses and radiation treatment the rise in humanity.

Each satellite is equipped with a variety of tools to enable it to perform it’s functions, maneuvering thrusters, and defensive weaponry. It is manned by a Founder, whose consciousness is uploaded to the satellite.

Seed Satellite Computer 1227 sits at the edge of a fault line, where it landed 20k below the point of impact. It uses a technoadaptive virus, creating guardians and protectors in case anyone was going to find the cenote sinkholes, leading to the satellite complex.

The Satellites are equipped to intercept communications and sensors both ways and send back false information to conceal the Seed World and it’s current state of development.

Seed Satellite

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