A Sentinel crystal is a small crystal of various shapes and colors measuring no more than a 8 cubic centimeters (~1 cubic inch). Some appear uncut, some smooth. Most are a singular color, while others a myriad.

Originally, The Sentinels were designed for autonomous service. This changed after several failed interations of the project. The Mark VII Sentinel design was designed to carry Founder pilots, but the Founders lacked the objectivity and moral perplexity to be competent and valuable pilots. The Pilot species was engineered to help breed exemplary pilots based on moral, physical, and psychic standards needed for long term autonomous peace keeping operations. An advanced Founder AI is implanted in the crystalline structure, giving a wealth of knowledge, experience, advice and linguistic translation.

In addition to the vast wealth of experiences and knowledge, the main capabilities of the Sentinel are apparent after transformation. The crystal expands, connecting the pilot into a direct neural interface, creating an extremely large engine of destruction. Each is shaped differently, shaped to the will and personality of the chosen pilot, carrying weapons designed for starships and point defense. The DNI allows unparalleled reaction time and agility, even for the bulk and configuration of the Sentinel.

The crystaline structure heals damage on its own, is laser reflective, highly resistant to damage, and extremely flexible. The structure and gravitic converters inherent in the battlesuit make it immune to the Mass Cube Law, allowing it to exceed dimensions that physics otherwise disagrees with.

Once a Pilot is in the vicinity of a crystal, they are drawn to it to begin Adaptation. Once the Pilot is imprinted on the Sentinel, it will find its way back to the Pilot over long distances and through extreme circumstances. This will continue until the death of the Pilot, in which case other suitable candidates are drawn to it for imprinting.


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